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So, one of the most annoying thing people can say to photographers when they like their pictures is: "Wow, you must have a really nice camera."

Great pictures can be taken with any camera...which Shawn Rocco proves with his blog: cellular obscura. Click here to see more pictures by him. Shawn has a set of 11 motorolla cameras which used to also be phones. He says each camera has a different set of quirks and he equates using these cameras with using a polaroid!

Our friend Steve has been in Israel for the last two weeks. He has been sending out an amazing set of updates about being there as well as amazing cell phone pictures. I am working on a little surprise for him (no, I don't think he reads the blog), so I did some work on and then uploaded his pictures to smugmug. They are really impressive. Click here to check out the Holy Land. He took the picture above, and noted that it could be Israel or Flathead Lake...you choose!

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Pam Rutter said...

The reality of cell phone cameras is really amazing. The now have more pixel power and equivalent zoom power as the $1000 canon powershot I bought in 2001 for our Alaska trip which I think gave me a max raw file of 3 meg. I'm almost positive the iphone is more pixel power than that for way less money!

Cool idea though to see what you can capture with one kind of camera and a fixed lens. It changes how you look at things. Thanks for sharing! :) Pam