I am just back from St. Louis. Left Gram in good stead. Lots of good food, a woman coming in for four hours for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, when Kate, my aunt will show up to stay till Sunday. I just hope she does not get bored...Kate that is.

I took this photo last weekend when we were hiking. And sometimes I feel like this. WHEN, WHEN, WHEN. I don't like feeling like this. I liked to live now, in this moment. But alas, when is where I am this evening.

When will we have a bigger place? (Oh I wanted one? Who knew?)
When will we move to Seattle?
When (if) will we have kids?
When will they be out of the house? (Above mentioned kids.)
When will Gram need to move into a different place?

If I knew all of the when's though, life would be a bit boring. I must try to embrace the when and the anticipation it brings.

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