Update: Operation Lose Weight in 09

Loyal readers I figured you might be interested in a progress report…so here it is.

“Why eeew heeeeer?”

“Well a friend of mine came once, to get the toxins out of her system, and that sounded like a good thing…”

“Eeeewr tongue?”

“My tongue? What?”

She sticks out her tongue at me and motions for me to do the same thing. So I do.

“Eeeewr heeer, eeeewr fat.”

Things moved on. I let the woman who had called me fat stick me with needles. Nothing happened.

But in the spirit of operation lose 30 pounds this year, I decided to go back, to a different acupuncturist. My knitting crew goes to a guy in DC who studied in China. We spent about 45 minutes talking about my health generally:

“How often do you urinate?”

“Do you have any cravings?”

“How is your libido?

I felt comfortable talking about these things with him, but was curious about what he thought about my responses. He also listened to my pulse using three fingers on both wrists.

And then he asked to see my tongue.

I am going to go back for the next six weeks. I feel good. The poking me with needles was not painful at all.

Brent and I are also wearing pedometers, and both trying to walk 10,000 steps a day. After wearing the pedometers for three weeks I realized that contrary to my original assumptions, we are a lot less active on the weekends. So this weekend we started operation go for a Sunday morning hike. We went to the National Arboretum. We will be going back. The place was amazing. And they had these hundred year old bonsai trees! (Click this paragraph to see some of my experimental photos of the day.) There are also the original columns form the Capitol Building.

Bottom line: I am down between 3 and 4 lbs, so only 26 to go.

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Bobby & Nicole said...

Hey! Check it out, I finally figured out how to comment on the blog rather than just send you a reply email...

I think I've told you before that my mom used acupuncture to stop smoking. It worked...with one caveat -- she was really, truly ready to quit. So, I think the moral of the story is that if you have the determination and you just need a little something to get you over the hump, acupuncture may be your push.

All I care about is that you are healthy and that we can both be old and saggy and sharing silly stories with one another long from now. You are beautiful now and always. :) Cheesy, I know.

Oh, I see that I'm posting as "Bobby & Nicole" which links you to a wedding website. Could you remove that? It's an old blog website that I deleted. I'll give you the new website when it's done. Thanks!