walk home: thankful

Last week Brent read me a story in the morning about a man who was 93 who froze to death in his house after the electric company put in a switch outside of his house to keep him from using too much energy. They never told him about it. His overdue bill was $1000. (You can click this paragraph to read the AP story.)

We went to dinner tonight and on the way home had to call 911. A woman was yelling at a man laying flat on the ground. "Sean, get up. Sean, Sean, get up." Over and over and over. Brent said to me, "I think he might be dead." I called 911 and the police showed up pretty quickly. A man at the bus stop thanked us for stopping. At least 25 people walked over this man as he lay there. I sure hope he is ok.

And then my girl friend just posted at her blog about her good friend's little girl who has a brain tumor. How scary.(Click here to read about Carly.)

We all need to pitch in together, take notice of each other, become real neighbors again. Thank you to our group of neighbors. Life remains not a burden for us.

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