This weekend I was in Boise meeting Sean and Caitlin, my new nephew and niece! They are too cute. Click these sentences to go to more pictures at my smugmug site!

I feel kind of bad because I cannot really tell them apart...I think I have both kids here...in black and white it is hard to tell. Caitlin has really red hair and Sean's is more brown...and Sean is quite a bit smaller...but with out the frame of reference that is kind of hard too.

Stayed at a great converted Travel Lodge: The Modern Hotel. You can check it out by clicking this sentence.
What is not to like about fresh French pastries and coffee every morning?


Katerina said...

such cute babies...they look so much like your brother! Katerina xx

SAHM said...

I'm so glad you got to see them. They have such a special story and it's just beginning! Terrific pictures.