We take the Guardian Weekly. I love saying "we take." It seems so quaint. But really, we started getting it about a year ago because it was free. After a month of reading it's VERY left leaning news we decided to keep taking it, mainly because they cover things that the US media does not cover.

World Aids Day...The only reason I knew it happened this week was because some facebook friends changed their profiles in support of the day.

I opened my Guardian Weekly today to find the most interesting picture of HIV, also known as the virus that causes AIDS.

I just keep staring at the beauty of this cell. It is round, yes, but some parts are five sided and some are six sided. Out of the middle of each little five or six sided part, springs something that looks like a flower. Inside these flowers there are little tentacle like short protrusions, also symmetrical. And there are intermittent almost polka dots sitting on top of the cell.

What I can't get over is how beautiful it is. It seems so proportioned, so organized, so planned.

Here is the link to the original article and photo. (Click this sentence.)

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