home sick and seeking nesting

I am home sick today with a head cold. Hoping to get rid of it before we head to St. Louis on Wednesday to see Grammy.

While laying in bed, dreams of houses danced through my head. (Is anyone else noticing the frequent use of the word head?)

Years ago, 1998 to be exact, I fell in love with my first home. The 1998 Life Magazine Dream Home caught my attention. The house is open in the middle, where the kitchen and living areas are. One wing has the bedrooms and the other wing the utility rooms. I loved this house so much I almost bought the plans then. I love the large fireplace. Click this paragraph to see a list of where some of these homes are located. Maybe a reader could do a drive by for me.

I started searching for the plans the other day and found that you can still buy the house plans for $600. How cool.

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