get an address book

I feel like ranting today…for no other reason than it is raining and gray outside and I would rather be at home in bed reading a book…any book.

Does anyone out there know what an address book is? It is a physical object which is used to keep track of the physical address of people you know and love. It can only be deleted if you lose it. You use a pen or pencil to write down the names of said people. When people move, you have to update the said address book. Then if you want to send said people an object through the mail, you use the book to find said physical addresses.

What is mail you might ask? It is a method by which people can send physical objects to one another, no matter where they live. You have to pay for it, in contrast to email. But receiving objects through the mail is quite fun.

I bring this up because in the last two days I have received five requests for my address and phone number. Come on people. Get an address book. I recently tried to stem the tide of incoming address requests by emailing a list of important addresses to my loved ones. That did not help. I need to include it in our Christmas card. Maybe that will help. Forget that, I am sending everyone an address book for Christmas. Filled out with the people I think you need to know.

Hope the rain passes soon. I would love some mail.


Unknown said...

I'd send mail, but don't know your address....

SAHM said...

I've got one- you're in it. Am I in yours? I do need to add your man's name to your entry now that your hitched. Here's a question though, should I put him in the Ls footnoted and cross-referenced to the Hs?