facebook dilemmas

We all know I have a lot of friends. I like people. When Brent and I started dating, I had to make him a friend chart for goodness sake...but who are these people friending me on facebook? WHO ARE YOU?

Would it be rude to ask people how they think they know me? In what capacity did we ever meet? Did I like you? Then why can't I remember you?

Brent’s policy is to accept any person who wants to friend him. I keep accepting people, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to be friends with most people with whom I have not stayed in contact. WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE. Can I scream that? No, because I am a wimp. I don’t want people to feel bad because we are not friends. What if this person, who I don’t know, needs a friend? How would I feel if someone did not friend me?

Brent also talks about filing facebook bankruptcy all of the time. Just sending out a message that he is done. No more facebook for him. Given how much he hates email, I am surprised that he has lasted this long.

Anyway, if you are my friend and want to friend me, then go ahead and friend me. If you aren’t my friend, but need a friend, friend me. If you aren’t my friend, and have a happy life, don’t friend me. Please. If I can get everyone to follow this rule, I can figure out who the needy are.

But really, has this happened to other people? I suppose that the new Facebook etiquette and mores are being written now...


Katerina said...

err...tigress, after this article I feel compelled to ask you.... you DO remember who I am don't you...? Or have I taken the 5-year old facebook pictures too far? :) By the way, I never friend back anyone on facebook if I only know them marginally. But I don't ignore their request either (because this is my version of being a whimp). Hence, I only have 19 facebook friends and 48 pending friend requests....the oldest pending request going back to 2006!

harkinna said...

HAHA...Yes, I remember you...tee hee...we really want to come to London soon...I miss you tigress!