ear wax

Me: Do you know why you have earwax?
Brent: No, why?
Me: To keep dirt out of your ears.
Brent: Oh, you meant why do people have earwax. I thought you meant me specifically. I must have played in the dirt too much as a kid so my body said, “We really have to ramp up the wax production people. This kid is trying to kill us.”

Read more about earwax in this book:
Answers to Your Weird Body Questions, by Dr. Beth Anne Ditkoff

You can take the weird body quiz by clicking this sentence. I got a 4 out of 10.


SAHM said...

Interesting! -quiz that is. I got 6. Funny! -your conversation. It must be fun to be you guys. Maybe you can make a million with a tv/reality show about nothing. You have the right kind of converations for it! :)

harkinna said...

I am glad you thought it was funny because it totally cracked me up too!