Why are the Olympics in China?

The Chinese are putting on a respectable Olympics, by all appearances. But I am beginning to question the appearance more and more.

First, the gymnasts. The girls don’t look 16 to me at all. They just don’t pass the laugh test.

Then, the opening ceremonies. I feel like I was had. The fireworks weren’t real (because of safety reasons they tell us, after the fact.) And the cute little girl singing was not the girl who really sang the song. A voice over at the Olympics? And the little girl singing did not know herself, because they wanted her to be pure of spirit?

And why aren’t the seats full? Where are all of the people? What is going on? And then they try to fill the seats with people all dress alike, telling the press that they are real spectators. Come on, this does not pass the laugh test either. Naturally, they admitted later that these were all cheerleaders. But they promise all of the 6.8 million tickets to the events are sold out.

Finally, I have a strong inkling that the reports in the media that “China is doing better, this is a really big country, and they are starting to respect personal rights, give them some time” is pure propaganda, or mis-information being spread by the Chinese government.

What else is going to turn out to be fake at these Olympics?

The end point is that any news or information coming out of China should be taken with a large grain of salt at this point, even when it relates to happy things, like little girls singing.

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Brent said...

You're totally right, but I guess posting this on the Internet means we're not going to China anytime soon...