extreme ironing - ever heard of it?

Extreme Ironing. It sounds like something my grandmother would love! I have never met someone who takes ironing as seriously as Gram. Well, that is until I ran across a link to information about extreme ironing at www.boingboing.net the other day. (Click here for more pictures.)

The wikipedia site defines extreme ironing as such:
Extreme Ironing (or EI) is an extreme sport and a performance art in which people take an ironing board to a remote location and iron a few items of clothing.

EI. Cute.

The only problem I have with this sport, is that they don't actually iron...what? I think they should be required to bring a car battery and figure out how to plug that thing in. Do some real iorning people.

However, this did remind me of my Aunt's wonderful performance piece, where she had my other Aunt walk around Chicago doing mundane things in a wedding dress.

Here is a link to the article she wrote about it in the Journal of Mundane Behavior.

In Peg's piece she was documenting how people respond to seeing other people dressed strangely. I guess people would react the same way if they were say climbing a mountain and came upon a guy faux-ironing.



SAHM said...

What a hoot! I had to post to my extended family's site the link to your blog to make sure that my grandmother, mom, and husband saw this. They are quite the ironers (I am NOT), and I thought they might enjoy. My grandma even irons her sheets! What is up with that?

harkinna said...

Well, I must say that Grammy irons too...and I LOVE sleeping on an ironed bed of sheets...it just feels so crisp!