etsy shop

Hi everyone. I just set up my new Etsy shop. I am officially starting a business. I have to get out of this 9to 5 gig...:)

Etsy is a website marketplace for selling personally made goods. I am going to start selling the putting together of Blurb wedding books. I just did my first one for my girl friend Maureen.

For a link to the book, click here.

For a link to my new Etsy store, click here.

I would love to make some books for my readers. I will even do it for free...to get some more sample books.

As always, comments and questions are requested.

(And in case you were wondering, no I did not take that awesome picture on the cover of their book! Maureen's fabulous photographer too it. Find her at www.bluebirdphotography.com.)

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