young driver: tell them these tips

The New York Times ran another article with tips for teenage drivers. Teenage drivers have 10 times as many accidents as older drivers.

There are 3 common mistakes young drivers make:

1. Failing to scan the road,
2. Misjudging driving conditions, or
3. Becoming distracted.

These mistakes come to us by way of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at Children's Hospital in Philly.

The mistakes above are actually abilities that you develop as a driver overtime, without noticing. So as a parent you need to reenforce these abilities when teaching. Kids tend to focus straight ahead, rather than scanning. Asking student drivers questions like, what color was that car we just passed? Or How many people were on the sidewalk? will help them begin scanning.

Again, as a parent you have to let your child try driving in poor conditions, so they know how to react.

Finally, distractions. No cell phones in the car. Put them in the trunk. I am just kidding...kind of.

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