so our friend, dave, says i should not blog about health issues...but i am ignoing him today.

i have a skin infection called cellulitis, caused by the car accident. the infection is caused either by a staph or strep infection. many of you know my dad came very close to dying from a staph infection, so this scares me.

i also distrust antibiotics, but today the doctor gave me a huge shot of them and i am taking them orally. erica and brent assure me and the baby will be fine.

i work up and worried i was having an allergic reaction to the drugs. i now think i am fine.

i got home from st. louis and called the ob. she said to be seen by my regular doctor right away. called him. he was on vacation this week, naturally, but the receptionist said to call the doctor on call for him. i called that office, and they sent me to get an ultrasound of both legs to rule out a blood clot. no blod cot, but the doctor at the ultrasound place said to go immediately to my doctor's office. so i did just that.

i walked in, with reading materails at the ready for a long wait, and told the receptionist what happened. she huffed and puffed, and said to wait a second. i sat down. the she comes back and says, " the doctor is in with a patient, but i just want you know this is not a walk in clinic."

that is when i lost my shit. i said fine and left. i was not a walk in patient. i had spoken to them this morning. i went downstairs crying to my normal doctor's office where the receptionis was in. she opened the door and there i am crying like a baby. she was super nice, and helped me. we went back upstairs. she said, "the know any of our patients are welcome anytime they need us, so i don'tknow why she said that."

the doctor himself was great. he could tell right away what it was, and had a plan.

later my ob's office called back, to check on me, which also made me feel good.

this sucks, but erica assures me it will be fine.

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