ownership as a burden

This image really sums up how I feel about things. I get that rush when buying stuff and then it turns into a burden. Some friends I have are really good at carefully considering what they are buying before they do it...which can make them annoying to shop with! But being that considerate leads to less buying which leads to less of the cycle illustrated above. I have tried to deal with this by not shopping. I mean not going to the mall or other places. Those places are just giant time sucks...But then there is amazon...

Anyway, as we keep getting rid of more and more stuff in our house I am feeling more and more unburdened. I like the idea that moving will be easier when we are ready. And a lot of the stuff we have gotten rid of other people will actually use. This purging is cathartic.

From an article by Rich Radka for Sharable. Found over on Swissmiss.

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