new topic: scaring people who are about to become parents

Why do so many parents take such delight in scaring parents to be? These are the kinds of things I have heard:

"Enjoy your life now, because it will be over soon."
"Get out to the movies, you won't ever go to one again."
"Your life will completely change; you will never sleep in again."

Really? Do these people think I am an idiot? Let me explain why I know they are fear mongering.

1. I have three younger siblings.
1a. My sister had a baby on her own, and do you know what she does every day off? SLEEPS IN.
2. I have friends who still have lives, and are still happy, and have kids.
3. If I feel like my life is over, I will hire a nanny.

Brent and I feel like the baby is joining our family, and we are excited about that. And I really think it will be just fine...like most things. I am just saying...


Erin said...

"Fear mongering" implies that the intent is to scare. These people are just venting, trying to communicate the traumas and frustrations they experenced in their own lives,

I wouldn't even say that the intent of these people is to influence your actions because they know that the challenges you will experience will be different than theirs, and that your reactions will need to be different.

In any case, just ignore it. Everyone knows that you will d fine.

Anonymous said...

Nicole... ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF MOTHERHOOD!!! Yes, I have "vented" to friends, I have "bragged" to friends, etc., etc., etc.

You are going to be a great mother and your child is very lucky! I got annoyed with the "tips". Put your baby on a schedule... (so I can't run errands or the sweeper during nap time? I don't think so!!!) Don't spoil your baby... (I am SO going to spoil my babies, because I would rather spoil them as babies than teens!!!)

Good luck, Nicole! I wish I lived closer to see how much fun you are going to have with this child!