mommy blogs.

I have resisted the urge to write about being pregnant because I am not sure my readers will care and I am not sure that it fits into the stated mission of this blog...and there are tons of mommy blogs out there...and they are easy to find.

But I suppose I can say some things about this life changing event, right? Indulge me a bit.

Being pregnant sucks...well it sucks for me. I have heard tell of people who never felt better...those people are not me.

Brent has decided that while I have an extremely high pain tolerance, see dental work without Novocain for support, I have a very low threshold for discomfort. And discomfort is what I have felt this entire pregnancy.

My current maladies include a strange rash and the inability to stay awake for more than a 6 hour stretch. Then I must crash for 2 solid hours. Now these 2 hours of sleep are my best sleep currently, because, while I try to sleep a lot at night, I can't.

Thanks for listening. Unfortunately, this topic is really the main topic on my brain. This is how moms become moms I suppose.


Erin said...

I totally agree. Pregnancy would be bearable if only we could sleep.

Montana Harkin said...

You fell asleep half way through this post, didn't you ;)