another fundraising request

Ok, guys so now my 16 year-old-friend Erin is going to do the Avon Breast Cancer walk with her mom. She is super excited. She wrote this heartfelt note about what losing her Grandmother early meant to her...excerpted below. If you can give her a few bucks I know she would really appreciate it. Click here to go to her site.

"This disease is one that has way to much power over way too many women in this world. In 2007, I lost my Grandmother, Beverley who was one of my biggest supporters. I can remember everything with my Grandma like it was yesterday. Her loss has truly affected everything about my life and the woman that I am becoming. I can remember so many times that my Grandma and I would play school in my living room as a little girl. As a young child, I loved to play teacher and always had a strong discipline method. I would always have my Grandma play James, the worst kid in my class. I would tell my Grandma exactly how I wanted her to act and then she was to act that way! My Grandma was the only one that would ever take all this nonsense from a 7 year old and run with it. No matter what I made my Grandma pretend to do, she did it. Even when I made her have a temper tantrum. Those memories are some of my favorites as they make me laugh and think why in the world would she ever put up with that silliness. My Grandma was very important to me and she will always hold a special place in my heart and for that I cannot wait to walk and help find the cure in honor of my Grandma!"

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