a long time

This is the longest I have gone without posting since starting the blog...did anyone notice?

Read this new GAO report hot off the presses: Defined Contribution Plans: Key Information on Target Date Funds as Default Investments Should Be Provided to Plan Sponsors and Participants, GAO-11-118, January 31, 2011.

Good times.


Brent said...

1. Yes, I noticed, but you might say I don't count.

2. Here was your first post in 2007 (I think your blog has been a success based on this mission statement):
Turns out, that I would really like to be a writer and a photographer. So this is a space for me to practice in.

One recurring "columns" will be an animauary or vitauary. This is the opposite of an obituary. So it is a notice celebrating a life while the person is living rather than celebrating a life after the death of the person.

I will also post comments about books, exhibits, what have you when the feeling strikes me.


Anonymous said...

I noticed. I count on you to help me procrastinate! ;)

Bungalow Builder said...

YES!! I NOTICED EVERY DAY SINCE FEB 1!! Please don't ever let it go this long again. Your faithful readers NEED your commentary! :-)