built in word processor: who knew?

I have been in the market for a small word processor for some time dear reader. For a few years and then intermittently thereafter I have used my Alpha Smart 2000 keyboard as one. The devise is adorable: small, blue, four lines on the screen. And it runs forever on four AA batteries. What’s the problem? Well, I will blame Apple and Steve Jobs. The keyboard on Alphie is too difficult to type on. I have to press down too hard. What I would like is a keyboard for my iphone Brent just gave me. It would make the iphone the perfect device. But alas, Steve won’t go down that road with me, for he hates buttons. One of my main reasons for wanting this word processor is that I want to disallow usage of the internets when I work. The distraction of the web browsing is hard for me to ignore.

But I have hit upon a new idea – perhaps revolutionary. I might not need this device. Perhaps I have a word processor that is kind of built in: the pen and paper coupled with my brain. Gasp!

As I sit here on the plane penning this missive (when else do you get to use that line?) I am flying to Oklahoma. Later, I will type it up – perhaps editing it a bit. (This did indeed happen.)

I have read that there are quite a few writers out there who do this. And the best benefit of all is that it is very hard to heed the Internets siren call.

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Montana Harkin said...

if you install ios 4 you can use a bluetooth keyboard.