So, last year DC enacted a 5 cent rule for every bag used in the District. The Anacostia Watershed Society was a large part of this effort. We are supporters of this organization.

In their newsletter today I learned this tidbit of information (remember DC has 600,000 people living here, with as many commuting into DC daily):

Since the law took effect: The MONTHLY plastic bag usage has gone from 22.5 MILLION bags per month to just over 3 MILLION bags used per month! This is amazing.

The average plastic bag is used for just 12 MINUTES and can persist in the environment for between 25 to 50 years.

The bag fee has generated only $150,000! This money goes to clean up the Anacostia. They expected bag use to generate more money, but the drop off in use has been greater and faster than projected.


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Erin said...

We primarily use reusable bags. In an effort to find out how many times we would need to use our ever-grodier reusable bags to make them better for the environment than plastic bags, I found this: http://www.apmbags.com/bagmyths.

I am sure that they're choosy with their statistics, but I doubt that the statistics chosen are untrue.