white sticky note*

- a few down
- chemo not helping
- bump Not Lung
head & neck tongue to lungs
nasal flomegona
6 months outside
organ to organ

* written while on the phone
listening to the doctor on the
tell me about my mom’s cancer.


Pam Rutter said...

This makes me sad to think of you receiving this information. When I look back at my mom's blog and things I wrote then I don't know how I did it. It comes flooding to me with such an overwhelming sense of sorrow and loss.

Grace offers us amazing strength when we need it.

I would like you to write down lots of new sticky notes with the happy memories that you don't want to forget of Linda! Those are the ones your heart desires.

Together on lifes journey ~ Pam

John Harkin said...

That makes me sad. Love you N.

Unknown said...

Love you. Love her. Love your family.
She was and is amazing, brave, and dedicated to her children at all costs.
I am sorry for this pain of yours.
I am sorry I cannot carry it for you.
I am glad she gave you to this world, for it is better with you in it, and she must have known that.
She must still know this.
Love you - Amy