book review: little bee

I hated this book. I am angry at the publishers and the writer. I borrowed the book because the back of the book said there was a secret in the book, and asked you not to tell you friends about the secret once you finished the book.

The secret: everyone dies. Yep. At the end of the book, all of the characters you care about are killed.

The book is a political thriller, I suppose, based on the Nigerian oil conflicts currently on going. Women are raped, killed, mutilated. They are then held in detention centers in the UK, and then sent back to their homes, to be raped, mutilated, and killed.

The book lied to me. It was not a happy secret. I thought it was something like that movie: The Sixth Sense. No. It was not. The secret, again in case you missed it, is that everyone dies in Little Bee, including Little Bee.

I am not even posting a picture of the book, so you don't get confused at the book store or library and think this a book you want to read because I recommended it. I am not recommending it. I hated it.

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