movie review: the horse boy

I just finished this movie that I had heard quite a bit about: The Horse Boy. It was featured on that new podcast I am in love with: To The Best of Our Knowledge. The story chronicles one family’s struggle to come to terms with their four year old son’s autism. After realizing that their son has a unique connection with all animals and horses they decided to seek out healers who are horse people. We follow the family as they take the boy to see shamans in Mongolia and southern Siberia.

The touching movie really showed the difficulties this family is dealing with. They clearly make the movie on a shoestring budget, but the vistas are beautiful, as is the family.

Of note in the film were a few things. 1. The dad LOVES AC/DC. In fact I don’t think I saw him in the movie without an AC/DC t-shirt on the whole time. 2. I was a bit shocked at the family’s home. They live in Texas on a farm with horses. The mom is a professor. They are clearly pretty poor, or at least have a disregard for their home. Perhaps I am too obsessed with having a comfortable and clean home, but I don't think I would have been comfortable showing the world my home if it looked like theirs.

The music in the movie was great too...no AC/DC was played...just FYI.

This movie only reinforced my interest in going to Mongolia...it just looked so much like eastern Montana, that I might try to get Brent to go there first.

I would highly recommend this movie.

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Asha P said...

THE HORSE BOY, both the documentary and the book, are extremely inspirational – seeing the world through autism and how significantly interaction with horses has improved Rowan’s fits is something short of miraculous. If you liked the film, it is now out on DVD from Zeitgeist Films. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, consider saving it to your Netflix or Blockbuster queue!