random notes about happiness

Everyone told me to do it, so I did it…I applied for a promotion at

I am super tired today. The weather is strange here today: overcast and
a bit muggy. I think the weather is determining my tired feeling. I
already had two cups of coffee.

My short story for my writing class is due Monday. I thought I knew
what I was writing. Now I am stuck worrying about the point of view I
want to use. But I am only thinking about it, not really taking any
action. Go subconscious, go.

Great, great, great article in The Atlantic this month. Great. So
great, I took notes:

“Factor that can help you live longer:
1. Your psychological development: how you deal with stress.
2. Education
3. A stable marriage
4. Not smoking
5. Not abusing alcohol
6. Some exercise
7. A healthy weight

Factors that don’t really matter:
1. Your cholesterol at age 50.
2. Your social abilities
3. Your childhood temperament.

If you exercise in college, then your mental health later in life will
be better.

People who are depressed die earlier.

Pessimists suffer physically more than optimists.”

I have more to say about this…but you will have to wait. Click the
paragraph to go read the article. It is really great.

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