the kitchen

Hi everyone...I have not posted in a week...not much to report I guess.

I am re-painting our kitchen! Yes, the one we rent...yes, we got permission. Actually I am just doing the cabinets. Our landlord got us all new appliances. The cabinets
were a dark wood and the handles were all coming off. So, gray cabinets with brushed gray handles here we come. The cabinets are all painted, the drawers have two coats plus primer done, and all 12 cabinet drawers are primed. 7 of the 12 have one coat of gray on them. I think I can finish by tomorrow night...I will post pictures.

Went for a super hike this morning, but between painting and hiking I am going to be one sore puppy in the morning!

One more thing: Gram is back in the hospital...hopefully to get out tomorrow. Her first colonoscopy. The report: "It is not nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, it was nothing."

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