the american economy

Look people, prepare for a rant.

Want to know what is wrong with the American economy? Turns out companies don't really want to sell things. That is right, they don't want to sell products.

Four weeks ago, with print out of the exact items we wanted, Brent and I went to Loews in Alexandria, Virginia. Four HOURS later we had all four items ordered. Four HOURS. Between computers breaking, printers not working, people not knowing how to order items, and our paying for almost everything the trip took four hours. We were not shopping. I knew exactly what we wanted. I balked at a $35 fee to come and measure our items, but ended up paying for it. Whatever. We don't own our house...it is fine.

The refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher are all installed and working well. The refrigerator was about 2 inches bigger than the one we ordered, but it fit so no worries. If we move it the right way, we can still open the oven, and if we move it the other way, we can open it.

We live in a third floor walk up. Loews charged us between $164 and $200 to deliver each item to our house. We told them we live in a third floor walk up with NO elevator.

Yesterday the smoker shows up to install our oven. He barely makes it up the stairs. The oven is hardwired. He balks at carrying up the oven and at installing it. Then he says it will not fit. Oh, no you don't. We paid the $35 to have the space measured and the $200 to have it delivered and installed.

After numerous calls to the Loews, we decide we are done with Loews. Un-wind the transaction, put the stove back, stick a fork in us, we are done.

So at 6 pm last night we decided to cook something. Ah, the kicker. The oven is no longer working. Nice.

So if you want to know how to fix the American economy, I have two words for you: CUSTOMER SERVICE. Be nice to the people who want to spend money in your store.

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Erin said...

I read this to Montana, and all we could say was "wow." That's insane. What are you going to do now? About your stove, I mean...