TWA: Podcasts

Here is a list of podcasts I love...I would love to hear if you guys have any you want to share.

1. 99% Invisible: this podcast is about the invisible infrastructure all around us. It is short and does
not come out all of the time, but when it shows up, I listen.

2. Radiolab: This one is all about science...and other interesting stuff. If you already listen to podcasts, you know radiolab. If you don't, START HERE.

3. On The Media: This podcast can get a bit snarky and inside the media, but really really great reporting and another one I have not missed in years.

4. To the Best of Our Knowledge: I am not sure what this podcast is about. It usually features a big theme and interviews with authors about books related to the big theme. Sometimes it has a religious bent, which I find interesting.

Listen while you fold laundry or drive. Kids LOVE Radiolab.

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