about our mission statement

A good friend asked us why we say, "we believe" rather than "we value" in our mission statement.

What is the difference between beliefs and values? Brent and I chatted about this and I am not sure where things will shake out.

This is how it would change...I think.

we value spending time with our family and helping our family financially if needed.

we value friends and family.

we value helping the less fortunate.

we value living close to work.

we value our money.

we value the benefits of small living.

we value our time away from work and therefore take all of our vacation days.

we living each day fully.

we value honesty.

we value promises.

we love.

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Erin said...

I think your friend had a point. Whether it is fair or not, I tend to think of beliefs in the negative. To me, they are formed in large part by the exclusion of other things. I see them as taken more on faith and less likely to change. When they do change, it feels like a contradiction.

Values, on the other hand, are different. I can value lots of different things. I can value some things more than others, and over time that balance may change. The change in that case is not a contradiction, it is growth, which is normal and expected.