vituary: jordan r.

My good friend, Jordan, just graduate from college. I can’t fathom that the little girl who needed help doing her homework is an adult.

But what a wonderful adult she has turned into. She is into birds. What is fun about her interest is that it has been 1. lifelong, and 2. it has given a structure to her life thus far which has allowed her to explore all kinds of other things through the lens of her love of birds. She has traveled all over the world to see birds and spent countless hours with her family in search of birds. She used birds as a vehicle to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award project. She has worked to preserve the habitat of birds and to use science to figure out why some birds are struggling.

She is gracious and fun to be around. In the last few years we have not spent as much time together as we did when she was little. But I have followed her growth into an engaged young adult who promises to do great things with her time here.

Congrats Jordan. May the world keep producing great people like you.

(Hat tip to Pam Rutter Photography for the picture.)

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