super busy weekend

i am behind on calls: marika and melissa i think of calling daily...at the wrong time.

we had the mommies from my mommy group over on friday night for drinks on the deck. a lovely time was had.

saturday morning we cleaned for nicole, bob, and bear and brandon's visit. pictures HERE and HERE. they got here and we had indian take out, again on our deck.

then sunday morning we had brunch with the sullivans. then headed to target to stock up on some cute stuff they have this week. then brandon came back for some more oskar time. then we went to bed. i thought the weekend was over.

but no. monday the chaos continued. marcus came over to have me do a sewing job and at 1:30 I realized that the cleaning lady was coming at 2. i needed to do the pre-clean...and thank goodness she was coming, because carol, aka grandma, arrived that night. whew.

i need a vacation: la on thursday here i come.

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