ipt: infant potty training

we are doing it folks. it sounded batshit crazy when i first heard about it in the nytimes a few years ago. (see article here.) in fact, i made no end of fun of it.

that said, it is great. the little guy goes peepee in his little toilet about 4 times a day and he has pooped a total of 4 times in the potty. he seems to really like it. anytime he wakes up or he has a diaper change he gets a "pottytunity." carol is even on board, so that is nice. we are teaching him the sign for potty too...we have noticed a reduction in diaper usage as well. (we use gdiapers with cloth or disposable inserts.)

i got this book and this book about how to do it.

even our critical friend dave thinks it is a good idea.

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Bungalow Builder said...

I think the whole "green" aspect of it is great, and that he seems to be cooperating. but isn't this more parent training, than real potty training? You are now in tune to his schedule of when he needs to go, so he gets to the potty. real potty training will be if Oskar opts NOT to pee or poo in his diaper until he's on the potty. Or when you're waiting in line at the grocery store and can sign "potty now!" to know that he has to go. I'm curious to see how long it will take that to happen!