more on the spending fast

Laura asked a few good questions about the fast.

As of right now, we have everything Oskar needs. I have diapers stocked up, because we buy them in bulk. We also have all the clothes he needs...even for cold weather.

It does include groceries, but we also have a well stocked pantry, so we are doing well there. We got the veggie box last week too, so that helped. We did not get it this week though. We will see how next week goes.

We are thinking of doing this two weeks a month.

I was really tempted to buy something today: a baby bag from Jack Spade that is half price. Brent wanted one when we saw it a few years ago in NYC. I decided to just ask Brent if he wanted it. He said no, we have a diaper bag. So good thing I held off. It is better to unsubscribe from all of these shopping emails.

I have $41 left and Brent has $47.


Montana Harkin said...

America needs you to spend more. K. Thx.

Bungalow Builder said...

Have you checked out mint.com? It's a website that aggregates all of your accounts & cards & breaksdown you spending. You can set your own budgets by categories, and monitor where your money is really going. It's pretty neat... and free!

Bungalow Builder said...

We instituted soup night and pancake night for dinner 2x weekly. And I'm considering skipping lunch 1x week and donating my lunch money to a food bank, or to Garden City Harvest. Do you know that 1 in 7 households right now is food insecure?

harkinna said...

Laura, we like Mint a lot...but liked it more before a major corp bought it. Now lots of accounts will no longer sync with it.