photo project

So, I have a problem. I hoard something...It takes up a quarter of our refrigerator. To be fair to me, they don't make this thing anymore...it is Polaroid Film.

Until recently, I have not really had any "polaroid worthy" projects. Enter Oskar. That's right, he is polaroid worthy.

So I am taking at least one polaroid picture of him every day. Then I date the picture and put it up on our magnetic wall.


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Maureen said...

I hope you wrote this down for Oskar so he understands how significant it is.

Dear son -

For years, I hoarded this discontinued film from 1989 and your father wasn't allowed to move it to have space for beer/cheese/meats/favorite foods because one day I would need it. One day.

And then you came along. And I started using the film, which was - shockingly - still good. And everyone rejoiced because not only were you beautiful, but we could once again fit things in the fridge!

This, my sweet boy, is how much I love you.

XO, Mom