rant coming: PIC, the pregnancy industral complex

Just back from the doctor. I am annoyed at the pregnancy industrial complex...

I am going to lay this out once and for all and then try to let it go. Brent has heard me rant about this too many times already.

Here are the facts:

1. Earlier sonograms are more accurate at predicting due dates of babies.
2. My first sonogram said I was due September 2nd, today.
3. Subsequent sonograms said August 25th and 26th.
4. My doctors believed the earlier dates.
5. This matters because they will only allow the baby to gestate 12 days past its due date. Then they induce the labor.
6. 85% of first time pregnancies go past their due date.
7. If a birth is induced this greatly increases the chances of a c-section.
8. I DO NOT WANT A C-SECTION. No one in my family has ever needed one. I don't need one.
9. If the doctors had gone with the more accurate date of September 2nd, which was clearly accurate because I HAVE NOT HAD THE KID YET, then I would have 12 days from today to get the kid out.
10. As it is, I only have until September 7th.
11. The doctor stripped my membranes without asking me first today.
12. We had to pay for yet another sonogram and other test because they insist on doing this once you are past your due date. (And I have recently read that there is some correlation between autism and sonograms...)

Finally, I guess I just don't trust doctors.

Everything is fine. Things are progressing normally. I just hate that this made up due date is dictating what will happen and when...

Everything will be fine. It always works out in my life.

Deep breaths.

Thanks for listening.


SAHM said...

Can a doctor force you to come in for induction? If you don't show up, will he/she refuse to deliver your baby when you finally go into labor? Just wondering???

And, my water broke and I went into labor naturally all three times, but still ended up with c-sections (only one of them planned). Not really what I had in mind, but in hindsight, it was likely best for all involved.

I agree with your facts and completely undertand your feelings, just try to have an open mind so your baby's birth day isn't shadowed by negative feelings if things don't go the way you have always visualized. I will keep praying for a natural, safe delivery and happy, healthy mom and baby in the end.

Maureen said...

Agree with SAHM (hi, sweetie!) on all counts. As we have discussed, the best result is a healthy mom and a healthy baby. That comes in all forms, planned and unplanned, smooth and challenging.

You are going to do great tomorrow and I for one can't wait to hear the news. This baby is lucky to have such awesome parents.