art: 20x200, art for the Masses

I am in love with this website, www.20x200.com. The idea for the website is to sell great art that everyone can buy. They sell limited editions of works: 200 pieces which are 8.5 x 11(the size of a piece of paper) signed by the artist for $20, 20 pieces which are 17 x 22 for $200, and then 2 pieces that are large, so 30 x 40, for $2000.We have bought maybe 6 pieces from them.

You can go to the site and sign up to get their weekly email. Some weeks I am not interested in the pictures at all, sometimes I love the stuff. The catch is that the pictures that are really great go really fast.

I love the picture above, Untitled (Let's make better mistakes tomorrow), by Mike Monteiro. It hangs in our hallway.

Let me know if you pick up any work from the site.

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