my current thought loop

1. We want to move to Portland, but jobs are hard to find there.

2. Finding jobs is not a problem for me...but now figuring out what I
want to do is hard.

3. I want to be a writer. I should focus on finding jobs with a writing bent.

4. What is Brent going to do there? Work for a firm. Hum..that will mean we will see each other less...I don't like that idea one bit...80 hour work weeks are no good.

5. We want to move to be closer to family.

6. The economy is tanking. We have good jobs making good money and our jobs are secure.

7. Which brings me back to the beginning...maybe now is not the time to move.

8. And then I get stressed because I want to move sooner rather than later to be close to our families.

9. Which brings me to frustration that we have so much debt.

10. Then I think, well we should stay here for a year, move to a studio and save money like there is no tomorrow...

11. So off to craigslist I go to find a new apartment, and I. hate. them. all.

12. And then I think moving is not an option, so we need to eat in EVERY day.

13. Then I get sweaty palms and am not really sure what to do, but I am sure I should do some work, so I don't lose this job.


Katerina said...

Although I can genuinely empathise with the thought loop, I am also quite impressed: I don't think I have ever been in the dilemma of figuring out ways to move closer to my family, in fact I'm living at the other end of Europe just to make sure we're at a safe distance!

Ben said...


Congratulations on the nuptials. That's wonderful. Very happy for you. I sent you something that might turn your head. It's in ... Germany. So it's not Portland. But it might be worth a look. I bet you can do it if you want it. Check your Linked In Mail.


Ben Marks