Vituary: Carol F.

1. My first memory of Carol, possibly a memory acquired after hearing Carol tell the story years later: I marched right up to Carol, stuck out my little hand and said, “Nicole Harkin, nice to meet you.”

2. Carol’s description of me at that time: The oldest 5 year old she had ever met.

3. Actual memories of Carol from my childhood: Carol visiting our house every weekend with her dogs. She visited the lake to help my mom with me and the kids.

4. Number of Children Carol has: four, by acquisition.

5. Best Childhood Memory of Carol: Going with her to work in downtown Atlanta. It was take your daughter to work and she took me. I stayed at her architecturally inspired home, with its modern furniture, overlooking the Chattahoochee River. I think we went to a diner for breakfast, and maybe even had coffee. Oh the joy. I could almost taste how fabulous it would be to be an adult.

6. Hours my Mom and Carol Spoke on the Phone per Week: at least 3, if not more. Therefore, they spoke on the phone at least 150 hours per year, or 6 days. With four children, my mom needed adult contact. Thank you Carol.

7. Concerns my mom had about Carol’s new love, then: that he was going to take our friend and family member for all she was worth.

8. Reality: He loved her. Thank you Don.

9. Years Carol and Don have been married: around 20 I think.

10. My re-entry into Carol’s life: After college I worked for my Senator. Two days before moving to DC, and with no place to live, mom suggested we call Carol. Carol put me up then and many times there after.

11. Biggest lessons learned from Carol: A. Protect the environment. B. Women can do anything men can do. C. True friends are like family. D. Create the life you want to live. E. Retire early.

12. Favorite activities with Carol: A. Shopping and talking. B. Going to see the band, Her, Him and I in Annapolis, MD.

13. Most recent gift from Carol: Photographing my brother Montana’s wedding.

14. Previous gifts from Carol: A. Managing my mail for me while I was out of the country for two years. B. Half of my camera. C. Major car repair bill paid.

15. Proudest moment: When Carol decided to run for public office, and won to the surprise of few who know her well.

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