Turns out, that I would really like to be a writer and a photographer. So this is a space for me to practice in.

One recurring "columns" will be an animauary or vitauary. This is the opposite of an obituary. So it is a notice celebrating a life while the person is living rather than celebrating a life after the death of the person.

I will also post comments about books, exhibits, what have you when the feeling strikes me.



Brent said...

and I may chime in from time to time if that's ok!

Maureen said...

Me too. I look forward to this celebration of life!!

Anonymous said...

After the war she worked in people’s homes and then meet Ed Epping senior. They married and had a pleasant life in O’fallon, IL. They were happy. Ed was an accountant and they had a few stores. As Gram says, she worked in retail for many years. She owned a children’s store. And then Mr. Miserable was sent to the slammer.